Dreamy curtain tutorial

model:  @jeyrose27

model: @jeyrose27

What up this blog goes out to that girl who asked me to do a DIY tutorial on how we made our VKC18 display.  I hope this post finds you, girl!

It's actually so simple I didn't want to make blog for it but anyway here we go!

Here's what you'll need:

  1. mesh curtains - I got mine from Ikea for $4.99 and it comes with 2 panels in a pack
  2. a shower curtain tension rod - also from Ikea.  Mine is white and cost $7.99
  3. 16' of coloured fabric of your choice - I had extra light-weight pink fabric from past projects
  4. 1 pack of curtain fairy lights - you can find them on amazon for around $20
  5. 2-3 large command hooks - $11 for a pack of 3 on amazon
  6. cardstock paper - for the flag banner
  7. string/ ribbon - to string the letters on
  8. scissors - regular and zig zag
  9. a hole puncher

Step 1 - curtain prep

Sew your coloured fabric to the top of your mesh curtains.  I used the longest stitch setting on my sewing machine to do it quickly and cut the edges with zig zag pinking shears to ensure the fabric doesn't fray at the ends.  

Step 2 - assembly

Feed the curtain rod through the tunnel at the top of your curtains.  I wanted a full, drapey look so I used both curtains on a fully extended rod.  It already looks good, right?!  But wait- we haven't even gotten to the fairy lights yet!

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.44.33 PM.png

Step 3 - the cuteness factor

Your fairy lights should come with each string pre-bundled.  Keep them bundled for now or it will be a mess.  Drape the fairy lights over the dressed curtain rod, alternating each strand on either side of the rod.  

Step 4 - spell it out

I used Adobe Illustrator to make my letter cards but you can also use microsoft word.  I've also seen some DIY party sites on pinterest where the letters are pre-made and you can just print off the ones you want.  I printed mine on letter sized cardstock with my home office printer, fitting 2 letters per page.

Step 5 - string it along

Use your hole puncher to punch holes into the top 2 corners of each card.  Then thread your string through the holes to bring your banner to life! Tie loops on to each end of your string and set aside carefully so it doesn't tangle.

Step 6 - the set up

Command hooks are really easy to use and can be removed from walls without and damage or residue.  2 is probably fine for this project but we used 3 for extra support.  So stick those on the wall at an equal height, a few inches in from where you want your curtain rod to sit. Cradle the curtain rod in the hooks.  Now is a good time to un-bundle the strands of your fairy lights.  Take your banner and slip the looped ends of your string on the hooks on opposite sides of your curtain rod. 

Plug in those fairy lights (oh yeah make sure you're near an outlet or have an extension cord), put them on twinkle mode, take a step back and admire your (not so hard) work!