From Days to Nights: Introducing the Nightfall Collection

The local weather can be pretty mild, but the seasons are definitely turning over. Leaves changing colour, temperature dipping cooler, and nights getting longer. We at Moonstruck are no exception to feeling the metamorphosis, and we are so excited to be releasing the first part of our Fall/Winter Collection, Nightfall


After a collection of light, summery designs, we were itching to switch the pace a little bit. We took our inspiration from instead of fun in the sun, to the lights of the night. Even though the sun sets sooner, there's still so much for the moonstruck girl to enjoy, and that is what we kept in mind as we lent our hearts and hands designing. 


The collection gives off a chic and street vibe, just right for those late night bubble tea outings, and the perfect way to stay cute on your trip to the theatre to see the latest horror movie release. 


Nightfall Part 1 is comfy, versatile, and available to order on our webstore now. Let us know what you think! Enjoy the full moon, and as always, leave them a little moonstruck