About the Moonstruck Girls

Deanna + Michelle

Co-creators, Moonstruck

It's us, the girls behind Moonstruck, finally making an official introduction in a blog that has been put off for months because writing about yourself is hard.  But our brand has been alive for 4 months and we're going into our second collection so it's time to share our story with you! 

The Origin Story

It started with a bang.

Big Bang, specifically.  The South Korean hip hop group that brought us together and whose music continues to be the soundtrack of our friendship.  (Cue the 2012 Alive album to signify the birth of our friendship)

We met in fashion school and quickly bonded over Kpop, Studio Ghibli movies, and Japanese import candy.  We also shared an interest in East Asian fashion and beauty.  Combined, we travelled all over Eastern Asia and visited all the beautiful places we had only fantasized of through movies and travel blogs.  Meanwhile, we hustled our way through university, specializing in technical design with a desire to make a difference in our communities through our work.  

By the time we graduated, we both felt a yearning to start our own small businesses but alone, we couldn't settle on an business idea or commit to anything.  Our ideas ranged from minimalist unisex fashion to crocheted stuffed animals.  We were lost and indecisive.  It wasn't until we decided to team up that our visions began to realize.  

Our initial brand concept was simple: we would bring together all the things we both loved and share the happiness we felt from those things with others.  

What we actually do

People always ask what our roles are.  Really we just work on the parts that we enjoy the most. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 11.26.20 PM.png

Deanna likes textile design so she does all the fabric dying.  

Our custom colours are brewed in her bathtub

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 11.36.24 PM.png

Michelle likes branding so she comes up with marketing materials and manages our online presence.  

Everything else we work on together and split the work as we see fit.  As for the things neither of us like to do, we support and push each other to do things out of our comfort zones.  It's a system that ensures we are happy doing what we're doing and makes us stronger in other areas.  

our #goals

A topic that we often discuss is the lack of Asian culture represented in North American mainstream media and advertising.  We couldn't find these faces and stories out there so we decided to take matters into our own hands.  Through Moonstruck, we want to express a different kind of beauty from what we're used to seeing.  We found that Asian popular culture made us feel more connected to our roots in a way that was fun and non-traditional.  Our goal is to do for others with fashion what music and movies did for us.  We want to combine cultures to represent the narrative of our generation.  We want to inspire love, strength, and leave you a little moonstruck.